Badger Games has GEG 28mm World War II

Great Escape Games has been known for their fantastic “Dead Man’s Hand” range of rules miniatures. But now they are known for bringing WWII gaming enthusiasts some fantastic miniatures for the underrepresented Axis powers of Hungary and Romania.

Badger Games is pleased to announce that we have the complete range of GEG’s WWII Romanians and Hungarians available now for you in the US. We have great stocks of the complete range and they are available on our site and at our booth at the conventions we attend.

Badger knows that if you play WWII, you will want these figures. And to celebrate our carrying the line in the US (and to help prevent you adding to your pile of unpainted lead) we are making this special offer. Buy $125.00 worth of GEG Hungarians or Romanians and get the Man-at-Arms corresponding book/painting guide ABSOLUTELY FREE!

So, have a look at our site or stop by our booth to see these fantastic little gems for yourself!