The steady expansion of our Napoleonic ranges continues, with both the Hanoverians and King's German Legion now available and ready to serve!

On the Hanoverian side we've got them in both shako and cap options, plus jager and landwehr and a handy mounted officer in bicorne. For the KGL, we've got line, lights, Hussars and a mounted officer in stovepipe.  These Hussars can be used for the Hanoverians as well.

Next in this period will be the Dutch-Belgians towards the end of the year and then that'll be it for the later period for now.  After that we'll be trying to go back to 1809 and fill in some of the missing nations there.

Napoleonics, 1812-15
NHN1   Line in shako   £5.25
NHN2   Line command in shako   £5.25
NHN3   Line in cap   £5.25
NHN4   Line command in cap   £5.25
NHN5   Light/Jager, inc. command   £5.25
NHN6   Landwehr, inc. command   £5.25
NHN7   Mounted Officer (5)    £1.75

King's German Legion
NKG1   Line   £5.25
NKG2   Line command    £5.25
NKG3   Lights, march attack, inc. comm (16)    £2.80
NKG4   Lights, skirmish, inc. command (16)    £2.80
NKG5   Hussars    £5.25
NKG6   Mounted Officer (5)    £1.75

And some pics of course:

NHN1 - Hanoverian Line in shako

NHN3 - Hanoverian Line in cap

NHN6 - Landwehr, inc. command

NHN7 - Mounted officer in bicorne

NKG4 - Lights, skirmishing, inc. command

NKG5 - Hussars

NKG6 - Mounted officer in stovepipe