We are running a 24-hour painting marathon from noon on Saturday,
August 16th for Save the Children. Save the Children works in 120
countries (inc. the UK) mainly in South America, Asia, the Middle East
and Africa. The charity's work includes areas blighted by war, such as
Congo, Syria and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Please check
out this great charity's work at


Getting involved improves the lives of children and allows you to get
a load of figures painted!

Our target is for a group of us to paint a 15mm Late War German
(kindly donated by Battlefront Miniatures) and Early War British FoW
WWII army, and some other projects, and sell them off to raise some
cash, plus individuals will be painting their own miniature figures
for sponsorship pledges. If we can raise £750 we can really help.

I have set it up through JustGiving -


- so that there is no need to handle money and so that StC can gain through GiftAid, meaning that an
extra 25% on top of what you donate will go to the charity.


You can join us at Firestorm Games in Cardiff, or you can paint from
home. Be sure to tell us what you are painting and get some pics taken
of the finished work. Here's a summary:

1/ A 24 hour painting marathon for charity.

2/ Paint soldiers for yourself or contribute to painting an army for
auctioning off. Each participant raises £10+ or does a stint on the
charity army at Firestorm Games. You pledge to paint a project set by
you. It may be a unit of figures, it may be 60 hoplites. Whatever. Get
some family members to sponsor you. Chuck some money in yourself.

3/ If you can't make it, set yourself a painting target and get it
done at home. Chuck your £10+ in or gain sponsorship.

4/ August 16/17th. Start time 12 noon.

So please dig deep and donate now.