Quick! Bad Squiddo Games has managed to get hold of more of the SAGA Limited Edition Revenants, after the first batch sold out so quickly. This is the last lot I’ll have as they’re proving to be very popular, so if you dawdle you’ll lose out!

What are they? Undead Vikings! Gripping Beast have purposefully kept the fluff to a minimum so that you can base this around whichever tale you like, with some examples included inside. It’s a beautiful box with 48 zomb-“revenants”, the limited edition necromancer (stepping on some rising corpses), 12 dice, rules and battleboard.

“But how does it work with 12 dice and they’re all levy?” Do not fear! They have their own unique and quirky rules that makes everything flow lovely.

A great addition to your SAGA collection, but also excellent if you’ve so far thought the rules seemed solid, but really need a bit of fantasy to keep your interest. A great stepping stone, come on, play something different and…fun!

And of course you’ll get a free “Bagnar Lothbrok” badge, of Baggy the Bag – The Dice Bag Lady mascot with every purchase! Just because…

I’ve picked up my copy (any excuse to blob dripping blood onto models, don’t get much of an opportunity any more playing historical) so go get yours!



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