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New Scenery

Suitable for 17th & 18th Century warfare

FF20 Double Gabion Gun Position £14

The position comes unpainted and is shown with Imperial Artillery Crew TYWE8 from our Thirty Years War range and can be used with our extensive League of Augsburg/War of the Grand Alliance/Nine Years War/ Williamite War range

The position could also be used for our other most comprehensive ranges War of the Spanish Succession, Great Northern War, Jacobite Rebellion 1715/1719 & the Covenanter Rebellion

Also New Today  - Small Field Defences which can make up a larger field defence when added together

Seen here with PER 18 Sebastian le Prestre Vauban instructing his siege engineers in helmets SG3 and scatter scenery

MISC 13, 15, 16 & 22

FF21 Double Gabion Gun Position £14

FF22 – Corner Field Defence £2

Now available from Northumbrian Painting Services

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