The recent issue of Wargames Illustrated magazine included an article about Greg Priebe's Falkland War supplement for Combat Patrol(TM). The editors omitted Greg's name as one of the co-authors of the article.

For space reasons, the section of the article that described the refight of the included Murrell Bridge scenario was not included in the magazine. Below is the information about the re-fight.

Chris Abbey and his son, Lewis, have played quite a few Combat Patrol(TM) games over the last year, including WW2 Normandy and Pacific. They have also play tested the recently released Horse and Musket supplement with the 95th Rifles fighting those pesky French Dragoons. They wanted to see how Combat Patrol(TM) would work for 1980s combat. Most of the games they played involved reinforced platoons. The refight of Murrell Bridge is an action of the section commanders war, where every shot really counted.

Lewis commanded the section from 3 Para, and Chris took the Grupos Tiradores from the Argentinean Commando Company. The Paras deployed the GPMG team and two rifles forward covering the approach to Murrell Bridge with Alpha fire-team deployed in their assembly area. The Argentinian's approached the British positions from the east, fanned out with a fire team either side of the road.


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