Miniature Wargames with Battlegames 389 Out This Week



With the summer already drawing to a close, here's what you can expect in a thought-provoking issue 389 as your wargaming juices start flowing again.

In this issue, we have:

Brad Harmer interviews Plastic Soldier Company supremo Will Townshend as the success of PSC’s The Great War boardgame continues to mushroom.

Chris Jarvis describes how you can experience the joys of a multi-period club campaign.

Rob Wyness explores the concept of “Negative Freedom” and the impact it has on our hobby.

Jim Webster, well-known ancients specialist, gives us “6mm and the Bigger Picture”, showing how 6mm holds out the prospect of wargaming the ‘operational’ level of war which falls between tactical and strategic.

Brian Fish delivers “The Church Fenton Alternative”, a huge game played to commemorate Waterloo, with full Orders of Battle.

Mick Sayce concludes his “Terrain for Tiny Chaps” two-parter on creating scenery suitable for 6mm and 10mm miniatures.

Conrad Kinch has a “Send three and fourpence” special about the pros and cons of points systems.

Of course, we have our regular spots:

The Editor has his “Briefing”, and covers the online world as it relates to wargamers in his “World Wide Wargaming” column.

Neil Shuck ponders trends in the hobby in “Forward Observer”, with particular emphasis this month on GW's Age of Sigmar.

Diane Sutherland uses her “Wargames Widow” column to provide terrain-making tips, focusing on stone walls and split rail fences.

Fantasy Facts columnist John Treadaway scans the worlds of fantasy and sci-fi wargaming, covering a wide range of stuff as always.

Boardgame specialist Brad Harmer uses his “Hex Encounter” column to describe how to get to grips with complex rulesets.

And we have an update from our continuing Battlegames Combat Stress Appeal.

Finally, our highly respected Recce section reviews all manner of books, rulesets, and other stuff.


Looking forward to the show season restarting – I'll definitely be at SELWG in September, others a possibility as I have an extremely busy September ahead!