We’ve got some new 10mm scenery up for you next with a few additions to our Bridges and Tents ranges.

First up we’ve got a fantastic large bridge in both intact and ruined versions.  This is a single arch stone bridge with a roadway width of 43mm, so loads of room for your vehicle bases to drive over.  The span of the arch is around 30mm as well.

Over on the tents side we’ve added a few new types aimed at the Colonial period and specifically the Anglo-Zulu War.  Firstly we’ve got some small Zulu grass huts, a type that would have been used when out in the field as opposed to our larger family huts.  We’ve also got a British HQ marquee tent that should work fine in most Colonial conflicts.

And finally there are some ridge tents in erected and collapsed types that should be fine for any number of 19th C. games.  These are around 14mm overall height so will be a little taller than a 10mm figure (on a base).

10mm Scenery

SCN-BDG3      Large stone bridge, single arch (130x51x37mm) Road width 43mm      £8.00
SCN-BDG4      Ruined large stone bridge, single arch (each 55x51x37mm)    £8.00

SCN-TNT6      Ridge tents (3 erected, 3 collapsed) (20x17x14mm)      £4.00
SCN-TNT7      HQ marquee tents (2) (35x25x24mm)      £4.00
SCN-TNT8      Zulu grass huts, small (5) (16mm diameter)    £3.00

And some pics:

SCN-BDG3 – Large stone bridge:

SCN-BDG4 – Ruined large stone bridge:

SCN-TNT6 – Ridge tents:

SCN-TNT7 – HQ marquee tents:

SCN-TNT8 – Zulu grass huts, small: