Yes that is right, Badger Games has 28mm Barbary Pirates and lots of them. With the popularity of pirate rules sets and their historical impact for centuries, we are shocked there aren't a lot of them on the market already. Well, there are now, and once again Pontoonier has "bridged the gap" in miniature lines! These pirates include a lot of intentionally over the top little gems and this range still has a way to go before it is complete with many specialty sets planned.

The European Pirates are designed for the classical "Age of Piracy" centering around 1700 AD but will be at home in many different periods. There are 47 different pirates to choose from. As with the Barbary Pirates, character and speciality sets will follow soon.


All of the miniatures were designed using contemporary artwork and are, in many cases,  intentionally over-the-top.

These miniatures will work with a host of other periods and games and especially with some of the fantastic new fantasy and pirate rules sets appearing in the market place!

Pontoonier Miniatures are available exclusively from Badger Games.