The new releases continue at Pendraken HQ and we’ve got a small batch of new Soviet vehicles for you now, ahead of our big US/Soviet Cold War ranges coming next week.

Firstly we’ve got the BMP-1, one of the most highly produced IFVs in history, which was launched in the 1960s and is still in use today. From the Arab-Israeli conflicts to Afghanistan and beyond, this should be a popular addition to a lot of games!

Next up is the T-64 in three variants; A, B and BV. As with the BMP-1, this was first produced in the 1960s and can still be seen in use in the current Russian invasion of Ukraine. The A and B variants are quite similar in appearance, but the BV has the reactive armour and smoke launchers on the side of the turret.

One extra thing to note with these vehicles is that these are the first ever releases that have been designed digitally. It’s taken a long time for the technology to reach a level that we’re happy with and we’ve done a lot of testing/tweaking with the printers to get the best results out of them. The photos might not show it fully but the detail on these models is excellent and produces very crisp castings. Going forward this will open up a lot of possibilities for us to speed up the mastering process and get back on schedule with our vehicle releases.

So, on to the list:

Modern Vehicles
MDV74 BMP-1 £3.20
MDV75 T-64A £3.50
MDV76 T-64B £3.50
MDV77 T-64BV £3.50

And some pics:

MDV74 – BMP-1

MDV75 – T-64A

MDV76 – T-64B

MDV77 – T-64BV

Next up will be the Cold War US and Soviet ranges, which we’re hoping to release at our Birthday Bash next weekend!