Lots and lots of new listings today in our eBay store! We have Star Wars Legion figures, Para Bellum Conquest figures, Malifaux items, Schleich African elephant, Haxtec dice bags, lots of fantasy and sci fi minis, Steamforged Guild Ball, Mantic Dreadball, Deadzone and Star Saga, Privateer Press Hordes/Warmachine, Dropzone Commander UCM cards, Minifigs, 28mm WW2, Conan board game minis, CMON Arcadia Quest minis, GW AOS Stormcast Eternals, Warhammer Quest cards, AOS Champions trading cards booster, 2010 magic template, Skaven and 40K Space Marine Veteran.
Don't think I've missed anything???
Some pics below and the link to the store.

You may have noticed we've had a bit of a 'tidy up' with some catagories - hopefully this will make it easier for you to find things!

Happy browsing 🙂