It's been a long time coming but we've finally got the last two Warband armies ready and released, completing all 12 armies for the rules!

The Eldritch Vampires are a vampire beggar type army, with thralls, vampires, ghouls and werewolves ready to take the field. A lot of these are conversions from our old Beggar range, plus new sculpts for the command, necromancers, ghouls and werewolves.

Next up is the Samurai Apes, a little different but always popular, made of up of warriors, archers and tiger-riders, plus new command and shamans including a rather cool looking Oni figure.

Each pack contains all different sculpts, so 25 different figures in the foot packs, 12 different poses in the mounted, etc.

Eldritch Vampires
FAN-VAM1 25 x Thralls £4.95
FAN-VAM2 25 x Thrall Archers £4.95
FAN-VAM3 12 x Mounted Thralls £4.95
FAN-VAM4 5 x Vampire Lords £1.65
FAN-VAM5 5 x Necromancers £1.65
FAN-VAM6 25 x Ghouls £4.95
FAN-VAM7 12 x Dire Wolves £4.95
FAN-VAM8 25 x Lesser Vampires £4.95
FAN-VAM9 25 x Werewolves £4.95
(packs are £4.95 each, command/necromancers are £1.65)

Army Pack: Contains 3 packs of Thralls and 1 pack each of Thrall Archers, Mounted Thralls, Vampire Lords, Necromancers and Ghouls, plus 8 x MDF bases. Priced at £30.00

Samurai Apes
FAN-APE1 25 x Warriors £4.95
FAN-APE2 25 x Archers £4.95
FAN-APE3 12 x Tiger-Riders £4.95
FAN-APE4 5-man Daimyo Group £1.65
FAN-APE5 5 x Shamans £1.65
FAN-APE6 12 x Tigers £4.95
(packs are £4.95 each, command/shamans are £1.65)

Army Pack: Contains 3 packs of Warriors and 1 pack each of Archers, Tiger-Riders, Daimyo, Shamans and Tigers, plus 8 x MDF bases. Priced at £30.00

And some pics of them all!


Eldritch Vampires:


Samurai Apes: