Black Friday Weekend is only two days away and we are offering free worldwide shipping on all orders over 10.00GBP product value automatically plus we have deals and offers and every order automatically gets the VNT31-05 Liche Lord worth 3.00GBP totally free in each package. This runs from the 27th to the early hours of 1st December and we recommend you order this weekend to take advantage of this.

This is our LAST release of this month. We present to you the mighty OHM01 Goblinoid Multitude and the OHM02 Orc Multitude following up on the DHM01 Dwarf Multitude. Both of these boxed sets offer a saving of 10% or more off single pack purchases and each contains one of EVERY pose of we possess. Superb for skirmishing or building a new collection or for roleplay or dungeon crawl. Orcs, Mountain Orcs, Goblins, Lesser Goblins, Hob Goblins and Dogmen in 28mm scale. The OH Range is complete! Read on for more information. GB