Free Worldwide Shipping until 18th April. Classic Adventurer 28mm packs now released!

Following on from our re-mastering and re-releasing of the whole Various Nasty Things (VNT) classic high fantasy range of Undead and Monsters we have now released all of the Humans, Wizards and Halflings in the Classic Adventurers (CA) part of our classic range. Designed back in the 1990's by industry leading sculptors these miniatures are in white metal and suitable for any fantasy system. Superb designs and concepts. Six different packs or singles from those packs and there is a multitude box set too containing every CA pack with a saving too. Click through for details. Remember we also have a large range of Orcs, Goblins, Hob-Goblins, Dwarves plus Barbarians and the Torture Chamber plus more high fantasy. Thank you for your time. GBS