Glorious Technicolour!

Welcome to the Baccus weekly update and the news that this week, the completed orders have reached the dizzying, nay vertiginous heights of #23530.

All of which moves us on to this week’s new release. To be honest, it’s more of a re-release in the form of our all new, full colour edition of our very popular Polemos Napoleonic rules.

Gone are the boring blocks of monocolour, to be replaced by glorious technicolour, all of which shows the 6mm eye candy off to best effect.

The Polemos series consists of a number of rulesets covering different eras, wll of which share some basic concepts in common but adding period specific details and mechanics. Polemos Napoleonic Wars is divided into two complete rules sets. The first, General de division, will allow the wargamer to fight battles with armies of up to corps size.
The second set, Marechal d'Empire, will allow the wargamer to refight the BIG battles of the period.

The same wargames figures may be used in both sets of rules, as the basing system is universal - only the nominal scale will differ. Polemos Napoleonics is aimed at enabling the wargamer to fight large scale actions; actual battles, rather than small scale skirmishes. Systems for firing, melee and morale are straightforward and easy to learn, but allow your troops to emulate the tactics used by their historical counterparts.

You can find all the details HERE
No new releases in metal this week, but that doesn’t mean that we are slacking. Here’s a photo of some castings currently occupying the mould maker’s desk at Baccus HQ. All of these are ‘patterns’ which well be used to make the new production moulds for the GNW Polish range that has been featured over the last three weeks or so, and the first of our Byzantine figures which are looking quite splendid.

We are aiming to have at least one of these ranges available in March, so not too long to wait.