Just another update, but not bad for all that...
5th May 2023

It’s the end of another working week and so it’s time for another magic order number. This week, we are up to #24240. All the usual caveats apply to this, in that some numbers in advance of it may actually be on their way, and some prior to it that didn’t quite make this week’s cut.
We have some more new releases for you this week, but first a couple of images of stuff we’ve had out for a couple of weeks but are only just catching up with the photographs.

We’ve now got the Varangians for the Early Medieval Byzantines featured in all their ferocious and sharp-edged glory.
In addition, the new Tigers can finally be given form. Painted by the talented WingCo, these are awesome little models, and, as is usual with all our turreted AFVs, come with an extra turret with a commander peering out of the hatch.
But all of this is retrospective. This week, we are looking to the skies in the shape of some German armoured flak models. Firstly, we have the ‘Wirbelwind’ and to complement them a FlakPzIII and the experimental Kugelblitz.
Lots more to come, so watch out for next week’s new releases.

The next show on the horizon is Partizan on May 21st. I will have to repeat my suggestion that you get the orders to collect in to us as soon as you are able. At Salute, certain portions of our range were hollowed out completely by midday, resulting in some disappointed visitors in the afternoon. It really is worth that email or phone call. I would strongly suggest this course of action if you are planning to invest in the Comnenan Byzantines or some of the new Tiger..