Coming soon to a Baccus shopping cart near you!

I’d like to start this week’s offering by thanking all of the organising team and club members who were involved in the Colours show last weekend. It was really well organised by a team working what is not the easiest of venues to manage. Well done!
Moving on to the housekeeping, this week’s magic order number is #24583. A combination of staff holidays over August, plus some days lost to illness put us behind schedule, but a real effort by the casting team has seen much of that backlog cleared and we are now well on track with getting orders turned around in a reasonable time.

Last week’s Ancient Sumerians has proved to be popular one, and we have got more late bronze age releases planned. However, the next lot of new castings will be from later periods. We are finally getting around to completing the overhaul of the Great Northern War Russian range. There are a lot of goodies in the pipeline, and we are aiming for release of these at the upcoming Other Partizan show in Newark next month. Here’s a preview of the Grenadiers, both on foot and mounted.

We’ll also be releasing a suite of new flagsheets to accompany the figures – in this case for the Dragoons.

Work on the ever-expanding WW2 range continues and after taking a few weeks off over the Summer, you can expect us to be turning the taps on again in the coming weeks.
Here’s a look at some of the goodies that you can expect to see.

As mentioned above, we will be at the Other Partizan show in Newark which is a mere three weeks away. It’s therefore time to get those show orders into us to avoid disappointment.
You can order via our shopping cart, by email or by calling.