Normal service has been interrupted...
21st Oct 2023

There I was, a perfectly normal Friday, listening to the torrential rain, courtesy of Storm Babet, (who thinks these names up?), when the phone rings. It’s my wife, letting me know that all the local roads are flooded or are in the process of being flooded, and that our son’s school is closing early and I have to go and collect him twenty minutes ago. All of which put a pretty serious crimp in the normal Friday routine that usually consists of photographing new releases and teasers, then adding the former to the shopping cart, establishing the up to date order number and then composing a rambling post with lots of information and the occasional witticism. So…this week things are a little different. However, one thing that I have been able to salvage is an up to date magic order number, which stands at #25803.
What I SHOULD be talking about now is announcing the release of two new models in the WW2 range in the form of the Priest M7 howitzer for the British and US armies. These are really lovely models, probably some of the nicest we’ve released to date, all expertly painted by the Wingco. It would be great for you to see them and even better for you to be able to order them, but, that’s not going to happen. Nor are you able to see a couple of photos of our lovely new Theurophoroi infantry in our redesigned Successors range.

Instead, here is a picture of our cats. It’s not quite the same, but I know that to a reasonable percentage of you, it will make a refreshing change from WW2 AFVs…

I realise that after the photos of Wispa and DM, this will be an anti-climax, but can I please ask that any pre-orders for the upcoming Fiasco show get to us sooner rather than earlier. Last minute orders do annoy the casters, and you REALLY don’t want to be around when I have to deal with an annoyed caster.