My name is Bob Naismith and I was for about six years a sculptor and designer at Citadel (latterly Games Workshop) in the 80s.  While I was there I made many of the first models that helped establish the look of the GW products of today – Space Marines, Genestealers. I also had a hand in several of the collaborations with other games manufacturers ie HeroQuest, Space Crusade as well as our own plastic sets for dark Future, Epic, Titans etc.

So basically I had loads of fun!  Since I left in the late 80s I have been freelancing for many of the worlds major game producers as well as smaller outfits. My client list had names like Hasbro, Milton Bradley, Parker Games, Bluebird Toys, White Wolf, Old Glory and many more.

During Covid I decided to start making my own digital files for sci fi. I did this because I wanted to see more plausible near future figures and vehicles that fitted in better with all the sci fi films and programming of our time. In other words not the heavy, enormous weaponed figures that has been inherited from the metal casting industry (molten casting metal fills the larger cavities of the mould better and the castings are more robust in handling)

This is what I am trying to do with my line of digital files (with a few exceptional forays back into the current heavier style..)

I am also conscious of trying to make useful vehicles and scenery pieces that can be used on the table – that’s why I (like a lot of digital designers) offer things like crates, cases etc – stuff to hide your figures behind during a firefight.

I chose to make digital files because I discovered that my skills lie with design and not with manufacturing production and distribution. Whie I appreciate that digital printing is a small part of our overall hobby it is growing in popularity and the printers and materials are constantly being improved to make the whole process better.

So I hope that you like what I am up to – if you want to buy some of my files please pop along to My Website, if the website is misbehaving please contact me directly [email protected] and Ill sort it for you.
My Patreon is also up and running so go to My Patreon Page.