We’ll have more Salute previews coming this week, as fast as things get painted! At least casting of the new models is well ahead of the painting, so stock shouldn’t be a problem.

In the meantime, here’s a comprehensive list of what ranges we will (and won’t) be bringing on Saturday so you can plan your spending.

  • Imperial Skies – full stock of fleet packs, flotilla pack and individual models
  • Celtos – full range of figures plus unit packs
  • Spaceships – full range of fleet packs and individual models
  • Hammer’s Slammers – selection of 15mm and 6mm detachment packs, full range of 15mm and 6mm models and figures
  • 15mm SF – full range of individual models and figures, selection of buildings and scenery
  • 6mm SF – army packs, selection of company packs, building packs, full range of individual models and buildings
  • Small Scale Scenery – full range
  • Squadron Commander – blister packs and individual models
  • Great War 28mm – full range including 3D printed vehicles
  • Magpie Miniatures – full range
  • 1/700 Coastal Forts – full range
  • 10mm SF Buildings – full range
  • Slug Industries Medieval Village Packs

We won’t be bringing anything from the Land Ironclads or Iron Stars ranges unless pre-ordered. Please also note that we no longer carry the Crom’s Anvil figures since their transfer to their new owners, CP Models.

Tomorrow is the absolute last chance to get an order in – we only have one casting day left before the show. Don’t forget that you can use the Collect in Person option on the website to make an order that way without being charged postage.