Some of you may remember that we used to have a shop on Shapeways where we sold a number of useful 3D items, mostly 6mm or matching our Small Scale Scenery range. We ended up closing it because various changes to the Shapeways pricing structure made most of them unaffordable and we simply didn’t sell anything.

One of the things our new website allows us to do is sell files for immediate download, so we’ve decided to resurrect some of these files and sell them for printing at home. The files are sold ‘as-is’, we haven’t attempted to add printer supports to them, but they have all been successfully printed at some point or other. Some of the models are quite delicate so you’ll have to use your best judgement as to whether they best suit resin or FDM printing.

Because of this we’re only charging very modest prices (although we decided not to make them free – that would simply encourage a load of people who don’t really want them to hoover up the files just because they can). And there’s also a theory that people are more likely to consume a product if they’re aware of its cost; consumers feel compelled to use products they’ve paid for to avoid feeling that they’ve wasted their money, and we want the files to be used rather than collect metaphorical dust on a hard-drive.

The first batch of files includes the two 6mm bridges we created for the Maidstone Wargames Society Operation Deadstick game, Pegasus Bridge and Horsa Bridge. We also have two types of 6mm power pylons – these were always popular on Shapeways until they went overnight from £10 per set of three to over £50 ! This time you can print as many as you like for a very modest amount.

STL-301 – Pegasus Bridge – £4.00
STL-302 – Horse Bridge – £2.50
STL-305 – Power Pylon Type #1 – £1.50
STL-340 – Power Pylon Type #2 – £1.50

The models in this range are mainly items that are uniquely suited to 3D printing, and which would be difficult/impossible to manufacture in resin/metal. To forestall a question which some people may be wondering – we currently have no plans to release any of the models from our existing metal and resin ranges in digital form.