We’ve had a lot of messages asking about these so we can now announce that the 10mm Chieftains are available!  With almost 2000 produced, these were used by the British army in the BAOR but saw all of their active service in the Middle East during the Iran-Iraq War and the 1990 invasion of Kuwait.

All 5 of our versions have the same 120mm gun, with the Mk 2 being the first service variant and the Mk 5 being the main production version.  Mk 2’s were then upgraded to Mk 5 spec to create Mk 6’s.  Further improvements were made during the 1975 ‘Totem Pole’ programme, resulting in the addition of Stillbrew armour (Mk 10) and later the TOGS (Thermal Observation Gunnery Sight) system on the Mk 11.

Modern Vehicles
MDV90    Chieftain Mk 2    £4.50
MDV91    Chieftain Mk 5    £4.50
MDV92    Chieftain Mk 6    £4.50
MDV93    Chieftain Mk 10 (Stillbrew)    £4.50
MDV94    Chieftain Mk 11 (Stillbrew & TOGS)    £4.50

And some pics:

Chieftain Mk 2:

Chieftain Mk 5:

Chieftain Mk 6:

Chieftain Mk 10:

Chieftain Mk 11:

Next up we’ll have some new multi-scale fences for you, and then the FV432s!