After the successful addition of their 10mm ranges, we're now pleased to announce that we're also stocking all of Battlescale's 6mm buildings too!  We know that a lot of you prefer 6mm buildings with your 10mm games so you can now get everything you need in one place.

BAT-6B001    Clapboard Homestead    2.25
BAT-6B002    Clapboard Farmhouse    2.50
BAT-6B003    Gambrel Barn    1.50
BAT-6B004    Dunker Church      2.50
BAT-6B005    Townhouse No.1    2.50
BAT-6B006    Rendered Farmhouse    2.50
BAT-6B007    Rendered Cottage    2.25
BAT-6B008    Terrace Ruin    2.50
BAT-6B009    Enclosed Farmhouse + Stables    4.50
BAT-6B010    Rural House with Annex    2.50
BAT-6B011    Thatched Cottage    2.50
BAT-6B012    Small Water Mill    2.50
BAT-6B013    Russian Church    2.50
BAT-6B014    Thatched Timber Shack    2.00
BAT-6B015    Roundhouse (pack of 3)    3.50
BAT-6B016    Pit House    2.00
BAT-6B017    Townhouse No.2    2.50
BAT-6B018    Cafe / Shop      2.50
BAT-6B019    Thatched Farmstead      4.00
BAT-6B020    Small Thatched Hovel      1.25
BAT-6B021    Tiled Merchants House    2.50
BAT-6B022      Three Storey Ruin    2.75
BAT-6B023    Stone Built House    2.50
BAT-6B024    European Church    3.75
BAT-6B025    Thatched Timber Framed House    2.50
BAT-6B026    Thatched Timber Framed Barn    2.50
BAT-6B027    Dutch House (Triangular Gable)    2.75
BAT-6B028    Dutch House (Stepped Gable)    2.75
BAT-6B029    Church Ruin    3.75
BAT-6B030    Low Level Ruin No.1    1.00
BAT-6B031    Desert Dwelling No.2    2.50
BAT-6B032    Desert Dwelling No.1    2.00
BAT-6B033    Henry House    3.00
BAT-6B034    Thatched Stone Barn    2.50
BAT-6B035    Timber Framed Gatehouse    3.50
BAT-6B036    Thatched Farmhouse    2.75
BAT-6B037    European Stone Windmill    3.50
BAT-6B038    Post Windmill    3.50
BAT-6B039    Culloden Croft    2.50
BAT-6B040    Farmhouse Ruin    2.50
BAT-6B041    Chapel House    3.25
BAT-6B042    Thatched Rendered Cottage    2.50
BAT-6B043    Rendered Cottage with Dormer    2.50
BAT-6B044    Saltbox House    2.50
BAT-6B045    Tiled Timber Shack    2.50
BAT-6B046    ACW Mail Office / Store    2.50
BAT-6B047    Stone House with Annex    3.00
BAT-6B048    Low Level Run No.2    1.25
BAT-6B049    Small Clapboard Chapel    2.50
BAT-6B050    Pumping Station    4.00
BAT-6B051    Irish Croft    1.25
BAT-6B052    Townhouse No.3    2.50
(All supplied unpainted)

And here's some pics of them to tempt you in...