With our new designer churning out the new models at quite a rate, it’s time for another batch of new 10mm vehicles in the form of a revamp and extension of our M3/M5 half-tracks!

This batch includes replacement models for our existing British M5 half-tracks as well as the two American gun motor carriages (M15 and M16).  Then we’ve added some new variants to the US range with the regular half-track plus the 75mm GMC and 81mm mortar (M21) versions now available.

We then jump over to our new Arab-Israeli ranges with a handful of M3 variants for the IDF.  Israel converted a huge number of the M3s but we’ve chosen the 5 most popular versions to add to our range: APC, recce, AA, 81mm mortar and 120mm mortar.

WWII American 
AMV23    M15 CGMC        £2.95
AMV24    M16 MGMC        £2.95

AMV34    M3A1 half-track, with .50cal        £2.95
AMV35    M3A1 half-track, covered        £2.95
AMV36    M3 GMC, 75mm        £2.95
AMV37    M21 MMC, 81mm mortar        £2.95

WWII British
BRV68    M5 half-track, with .50cal        £2.95
BRV69    M5 half-track, covered        £2.95

Arab-Israeli: Israeli
IDF24    M3 Degem Alef, APC        £2.95
IDF25    M3 Recce, 20mm cannon        £2.95
IDF26    M3 TCM-20, 20mm AA        £2.95
IDF27    M3 Degem Gimel, 81mm mortar        £2.95
IDF28    M3 Degem Dalet, 120mm mortar    £2.95

And some pics:

AMV24 – M16 MGMC

AMV34 – M3A1 half-track, with .50cal

AMV37 – M21 MMC, 81mm mortar

BRV69 – M5 half-track, covered

IDF24 – M3 Degem Alef, APC

IDF25 – M3 with 20mm cannon

IDF26 – M3 TCM-20, 20mm AA

IDF27 – M3 Degem Gimel, 81mm mortar

IDF28 – M3 Degem Dalet, 120mm mortar

We’ve already got the next batch lined up and ready to go into a master mould, which will include the BMP-2 and BRDM-2.