Badger Games offering Age of Magic Pre-Orders

You’ve heard about it, you’ve been waiting for it and now, SAGA “Age of Magic” is almost upon us. Badger Games is pleased to announce that we are taking pre-orders for both the new rule book and the exciting new range of figures from Gripping Beast! All orders will ship in concurrence with the official release date of April 22.

Gripping Beast is beginning with two fantastic Dark-Age-Themed factions of Shieldmaidens and undead. These will allow you to build supernatural foes for your existing armies. It’s a great opportunity to add something a little different to your SAGA experience.

We expect a lot of interest in this new release. That is why Badger is taking pre-orders for our friends this side of the pond. All pre-orders received will ship when the rules are released next week. We will also have the complete range at Little Wars in two weeks!