Rebel Minis is thrilled to announce our latest publishing project, the All Things Zombie: End of Days Kickstarter!
This will be the last version of the Origins award winning All Things Zombie series.

The game features:
· Character design rules that let you build your character, or Stars as we call them, in unique ways.

· Rules designed for solo, and co-op play and yes, you can play head to head.

· Rules to play on the Tabletop or Battle Board.

· 70 color counters to use on the 3 color Battle Boards we’ve provided.

· Over 120 pre-generated Non-Player Characters.

· Ten different adventure types called Encounters.

· Sixteen pre-generated and linked Encounters for you to play where no two games will ever play out exactly the same.

All this and much more. Please consider supporting our Kickstarter!
Check it out HERE

Thank you!