Rebel Minis is proud to announce their second round of new rule sets in collaboration with Origins Award Winning Ed Teixeira and the crew at Two Hour Wargames.

Mission St. Mary (PDF)
Mission St. Mary is a stand-alone game that is compatible with Larger Than Life - Director's Cut, our Pulp Adventures game. It's an adventure game for use in the Victorian Era (Steam Punk and Colonials) as well as for Pulps.

Colonial Lemuria (PDF)
Colonial Lemuria is a source book containing material for use with Larger than Life - Directors' Cut, Mission St. Mary, or Adventures in the Lost Lands.

Fortunes Won and Lost (PDF)
Fortunes Won and Lost allows you to adventure during the Age of Imperialism. Explore the dark recesses of a steamy jungle. Lead a raid against enemy tribesmen. March in relief of a surrounded outpost. You can do this and more with Fortunes Won and Lost!

As you know, some of these will line up with our current miniature lines, so we will also be offering starter packs and box sets for some of the titles.

You can check out the new division on the Rebel Minis website HERE