Yas! The best day of the year! Only 10 days away! (14th April). We will be at Stand TD23 with a demo of Gunny Pets right by us. Look out for us in the Bad Squiddo T shirts. This year's team is Trina, Claire, Chantall, Hayley, Paul and possibly Richard! And ME! Annie! In my Boss Lady badge, being an extremely excited..pixie.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PRE ORDER! If you want anything in particular it means you won't be disappointed. Some stocks are low, some are out, some I am bound to forget... The move has REALLY disrupted everything, and the next week or so is going to be carnage.

You can do this by emailing me a list and paying on the day, OR check out through the webshop as normal and choose "Pick up at Salute" as the delivery option.

KIDS at SaluteĀ (so, all of us)*

There will be line prints of the latest artwork with packs of colouring pencils on the stand FREE for anyone. Good to break up all the minis blindness/overwhelm!
*(seriously, all of us - this is for everyone!)


Due to the move chaos there is no certain for new releases, it's all time dependent. Assuming the last few Ghosts of Gaia pledges get shipped out (no reason why not) then we can release the GUNNY PETS miniatures as well as the Ghosts of Gaia II.

Freyja's Wrath miniatures were due to be released but this is looking highly unlikely now. Kickstarters will be available for pick up on the day though so long as you let me know in advance.

Gunny Pets is going to be demoed in a relatively early form, but you will get a good feel for it and get to laugh at the absurdity of it all. The first time we've run a demo and a huge part is to be as inclusive and friendly as possible, so please do come over!