We have brand new pictures of one of our favourite and most popular Slaughterloo Divisional Army Packs now on our website. This will allow you to see just what is in this whole army (which can also be broken down and made into a dozen or so Flintloque sections) with a divisional picture and pictures of each part of it too. But that is not all!

Alternative Armies has an offer on the 56601 Finklestein Dogman Division where you can save not only 18% off the list price of all the constituent units when bought separately but also a FREE set of 56537 Dogmen Engineers worth £14.00GBP included automatically in the division box when purchased. Excellent! Total worth is £209.88GBP and price is £166.00GBP including free worldwide shipping.

There are many more images and more information on the linked page.