Sorry and all that, but....
20th Mar 2017

Life is full of inevitabilities.  It is a real bugger like that.  One of them is that every so often, we have to increase the price of our wee men.  Sadly, we’ve come to one of those moments.   In a completely vain attempt to soften the blow, we’re letting you know in advance so that you can stock up ahead of the time if you so wish.

The fatal date for the price shift will be Monday 24th April.   The perceptive amongst you will have noticed that this is the Monday AFTER Salute, so you will still be able to get your retail therapy at Excel at current prices.

We are working hard to get some new goodies available at the show.    One range that will definitely be released there will be our new Great War Turks.  Keep looking at the News Page for more updates.