TWB is updated with the final portion of equipment: natural and bio weapons and armour. These cover virtually all the needs of an unstoppable alien/mutant horde and are capable of unleashing horrors you wouldn't want to see up close. Eviscerating the foe, bathing them in corrosive acid, turning into a mindless shell or, even better, into a walking time bomb of spores and pus. Not to mention bio adaptations that grant superhuman abilities to the host organism. Snapping pincers and a maw that can swallow armoured men whole are not enough? Turn your beast into a walking hive of ravenous pests, make it flying and invisible. As always, TWB allows for unprecedented level of customisation for all your models.

Still not enough?

Coming up starting with the next update is a multitude of skills and spells that will really spice things up with even more diverse tactics and tricks. Follow us on Patreon and support the project with your attention and donation so that the best quality gameplay and graphic content can keep coming. And most of all – enjoy Tabletop Wargames Builder.

P.S. This month I'd also like to introduce a different project with gameplay lying somewhere between a strategy card game and a classic wargame. Check it out on my Patreon page as well. I'll be launching an IndieGoGo campaign to make this one so stay tuned for updates. Cheers!