With the long-promised skills added to the list of options, no two regiments will be the same.  Unique combat training multiplies tactical diversity provided by gear. You can give everyone similar muskets but teach every regiment its own tricks, such as firing a volley that makes all but the stoutest rout in fear, specializing in storming hills and strongpoints, or redoubling their effort after suffering losses.

Below you will find some examples of how virtually the same class of troops can change their tactics and battlefield role based on skill selection:


Willem's Bolt Casters (Line infantry, move and fire 360°, destroys morale)

"- Once the duke's right flank is broken, send in the cavalry to pincer strike the middle...
- What if it doesn't break?
- It will. We've got Willem on the right."

Musket, Bayonet
Box Formation, Thunderous Volley

Striped Jacks of Merrywinter (Shock troops, quick shots)

"Stay put for now. We wait for when the highborn pussies are fed up playing soldiers. Then the Stripes step in and show how things are done."

Musket, Broadsword
Snap Shot, Assault, Dynamic Entry

11th Coastguard Veterans (Mobile, strike first, extra attacks)

"Did you know captain Whitemane just retired from privateering? Some malady or whatever. Sly old bastard caught the wind that His Majesty has dispatched the 11th."

Musket, Cutlass
Skirmish Formation, Reckless, Scarred Veterans

His Reverence's Vigilant (Support/armoured melee)

"For our guardian angels to wield the devil's own weapon! Oh Lord, what other trials must we endure to prove our conviction!"

Musket, Longsword, Heavy Mail
Overwatch, Covering Fire

Zephyr Dragoons (Versatile storm/hold ground, superior mobility)

"I heard the Emir was pompous and arrogant beyond measure, but to claim that he rules over the skies!"

Musket, Bardiche
Volley Fire, Relentless Charge, Drop Insertion (yep, they arrive on flying carpets)

Doug's Barking Dogs (Devastating long range)

"If yar looking fer som reliable boys ta take a bite at the Lion's side, try seeking out Doug of North Barrows. Just watch yarself. Folks say, not olla 'is dogs are barking."

Musket, Broadsword
Concentrate, Snipe, Volley Fire

Headtakers, the Hobgoblin Cadre (Fearless, versatile, cheap in points but limited control)

"Remember, you form up in ranks, hold the muskets with both hands, the hole pointing at the enemy. Then we pounce at them and bash some brains out."

Musket, Cleaver
Battle Rage, Heavy Handed

Les Trois Mousquetaires (Fencing heroes)

"One for all and all for one!"

Musket, Foil, Duelling Dagger
Heroes, Seize Initiative, Teamwork, Blademasters


The same way as you grant the models their distinctive colours when painting your collection, you can fine-tune their tactics and playstyle to fit the background and your image of the regiment. Most peculiar variants are possible. A witch-hunting division within a knightly order, fighting in a very "unknightly" way of backstabbing and ambush to counter raw destructive power of magic? If you can imagine it – you can build it with TWB tools.

When it comes to gameplay diversity, TWB broadens your horizons more than any other wargaming system out there, and it’s just the top of the iceberg, getting bigger with every add-on.

Magic skills and a vast spell repertoire are coming with the next update, so stay tuned, and remember that your support is crucial to the project staying independent and getting more exciting goodies such as top of the line graphical content. Please join us on Patreon and tell your friends about this project.