It’s that time of year again when the Brigadier, opens his sack and, once the moths have dispersed, hands out presents to the local children. No, wait, that’s Santa! Instead, the Brigadier dons his red dress uniform, opens up his laptop and hands out discounts from the website. For one reason or another (mostly working around domestic commitments) we’re slightly later than usual, which means the sale will be short and sharp, running until midnight GMT on Sunday December 17th.

Until then, any order of £10 or over placed on the website will get 15% off by using the code BRIGADIERSANTA2023 – the offer covers almost all of our models (there are a couple of minor exceptions, see below).

The offer doesn’t cover any books, accessories (dice and bases), acrylic tokens – basically anything we don’t make ourselves, because the margins on those are tight. We’ve also excluded one or two subsets of models because they’re slow/awkward to produce. These include Iron Stars, and our 15mm and 10mm SF buildings. You can still add these items to your order, they just won’t be discounted.

Since we get a tend to get a reasonable response to our sales (or we hope we will) it means that our turnaround time on orders won’t be as quick as usual. In particular, we can’t guarantee to get orders to you for Christmas, so please bear that in mind, although we will do our best.

Don’t forget that you can buy the splendid festive version of the Brigadier in 15mm from the website.