The first of our alternative worlds figures soared at Fall In.

These figures, the crows, have 6 variants: 1 leader, 1 standard bearer, 2 archers, and 2 naginata warriors.

Currently they are stand alone figures; however, we are in the process of developing the world they live in and have some great ideas for some rules. These particular figures come with a 40mm lipped slotta base, they are white metal and are roughly 32-35mm to the eye, and they come with both open wings and closed wings as interchangeable options. As large castings they use a fair amount of metal and are priced accordingly. The warriors will be $15 each and the specials, leader and standard bearer, will be $20. We are looking at a box deal which will be at a reduced price for all 6 figures; however, we haven't set that price point yet.

On the web store today.