Did you know that the GCmini website has a blog?
Don't worry, a lot of people don't know. We have not done much with it in the past, but that's about to change.
Starting today and for the next 30 days, we are presenting a daily, or near daily (things come up sometimes), series of tips and tricks for painting wargaming miniatures. We have compiled tips from numerous sources and put them together in daily posts that each address a different aspect of the hobby.

Keep in mind that in painting miniatures, there is only one rule: There are no rules. So feel free to take what you like from the blog posts and leave the bits you don't like. There is no right or wrong way to do things ... but we hope you find something useful in these posts and they might encourage you to try something different on your next miniature.

The first two posts are up now and we will add a new one every day or two.. so come back often and see what's new.