NEW 22mm Flags
Finally managing to get back to work on the flag ranges and the first product is some 22mm additions to existing ranges. The new stuff is all 22mm flags (suitable for 1/72, 20mm or 25mm figures) and adds to the 22mm Napoleonics added a while back.
The first 3 ranges to get the new flags are the Ireland 1690, Great Northern War and Ancien Regime France ranges. Each of the first two have 9 new sheets and 3 new sets, the last has 19 new sheets and 1 set.
Other ranges getting the same treatment are almost ready to go. War of the Spanish Succession (21 new sheets) should be up on the website by the weekend followed by the American Civil War (22 more sheets) next week.

NEW For Sale Items
Also more pages now revamped on the ‘For Sale’ section – this time all 10mm: WW2 (German, Soviet & British), WW1 (German, French & Middle East), Great Pacific War & French/Indian War.
A few more pages nearly ready, they should be up next week.
Leon has already announced a new collaboration between TTT & Pendraken. They will now be hosting my flag ranges – all scales from 6mm to 22mm. I have done quite a few flag designs for them recently and this seemed a sensible next step. Tiny Tin Troops isn’t stopping selling them, just giving punters another way of getting them. The new additions will be added to Pendraken’s website shortly, once I get the chance to organise & send them all to Leon.

Tony of TTT