Badger Games Sponsors Tournaments

OK, so we don’t have a Dragon (not bigger than 28mm anyway) and we are not sitting on a horde of gold and precious gems (not painted anyway), but we do have a lot of great figure lines that we make and sell ourselves or that we carry and sell (made by others).

We at Badger know that the gaming community is a living organism and that tournaments and events are the life’s blood of that organism. They give meaning to the games we play, provide a spectacle to attract new games and generally improve the hobby.

To that end, we try to sponsor tournaments and events or provide prizes where we can, especially in the areas we serve. If you are the leader of a club or convention and looking for help sponsoring events, get in touch with us. While we cannot sponsor everything, we are willing to help where we can (again, especially at Cons and events we attend).

Drop us a line at [email protected] to discuss.