Happy Easter. Here are Some Updates.

Greetings! I hope that you and your family and colleagues are all safe, healthy, and keeping well. I wanted to send this brief update of goings-on here at Honour.

1. The Print-on-Demand Cards
Firstly, as some of you have noticed, the links from the Honour website for the print-on-demand products have stopped working. That is because DriveThru Cards, the maker of our PoD products, has been forced to shut down their plant, in order to protect their workers during the COVID-19 crisis. This is of course the right thing to do, to protect their workers, and I fully understand.

Until DriveThru can reopen their facility, those links will remain dormant. This means, unfortunately, that it's not presently possible to order the following products:

- Your Majesty
- All Aurelian cards and tiles
- The Longstreet card set
- The Freejumper card set
- And the Kaiserlicks, Holy Mother Russia, K├Ânig und Vaterland, and Sunset of the Ghazis card sets.

2. Other Products
All other products remain available, including all PDFs and the printed products from the Honour online store, as long as the Post Office remains open during the crisis.

I have noticed that shipping is taking longer than usual, probably because of enhanced security measures at all postal facilities, so please be patient.

3. Any Good News?
We were in the midst of some pretty vigorous playtesting for the new Second-Edition Lasalle when the virus struck, so that has caused some delays, obviously, but the game appears to be well along in development and I'm still working on it. My original intention, to have it ready by this Autumn, is probably no longer feasible, but perhaps it'll be a New Years baby.