Well we promised you something special and here it is!  Many years ago we had a V1 with a launch ramp, but it was a single piece casting and quite basic so we decided to upgrade it a little bit...!

This new launch ramp is a fantastic bit of work by John at Ironclad Miniatures and has been given an equally outstanding paintjob by the talented Jason Dawson of JAD Designs.  John has based the design on the launch sites found at du Mesnil au Val or Vacquerie Le Boucq.

Comprising of 8 pieces, the resin launch ramp comes in two base pieces along with a ramp, 4 supports and a sentry box.  We've then added a pair of engineers, plus a couple of sentries and a guard dog.  This is a big kit, measuring 330 x 140 mm overall (210 mm for the ramp) and would make an excellent objective in your WWII games.  You could add a countdown factor for added excitement, stop the rocket before it launches in turn 6...!  It would of course look just as good as a terrain piece on any northern France tables.

WWII German


GRX13   V1 rocket with launch ramp and crew     £19.95