Following on quickly from the Undead release, we've got another of our new Warband ranges all sorted and ready to go, and this time it's the High Elves!

As with all of the Warband ranges, all of the packs contain maximum variety, so 25 different sculpts in the foot packs and 12 in the cavalry.  Techno has also done us some excellent new command and mage figures, the latter including a rather nice runestone.  On the artillery side, we've got both bolt shooters and catapults, plus some chariots bringing up the rear.

High Elves 
FAN-HEL1 - 25 x Warriors
FAN-HEL2 - 25 x Archers
FAN-HEL3 - 12 x Knights
FAN-HEL4 - 5-man Command Group
FAN-HEL5 - 4 x Mages with runestone
FAN-HEL6 - 5 x Bolt Shooters with crews
FAN-HEL7 - 3 x Catapults with crews
FAN-HEL8 - 3 x Chariots with drivers and riders
(packs are £4.50 each, command/mages are £1.50)

Army Pack: Contains 3 packs of Warriors, and 1 pack each of Archers, Knights, Command, Mages and Bolt Shooters, plus 8 x MDF bases.  Priced at £27.00

And some pics:

And it's not long to wait for the next army, as we finish up the month with the release of the Taurians!