Finishing up our hat-trick of new 10mmWarband ranges during August, we've now got the highly anticipated Taurians ready to go!

The previous Minotaur ranges had a nice variety of poses, so Techno has made some minor tweaks to these to make them all slightly different.  The Centaurs on the other hand have been completely overhauled, with more pose variation, more weapons, and also better bows!  And to finish the range off, we've got some excellent new Command and Shaman packs, including a fantastic bull-head runestone!

FAN-TAU1 - 12 x Minotaur Warriors
FAN-TAU2 - 12 x Centaur Warriors
FAN-TAU3 - 12 x Centaur Archers
FAN-TAU4 - 12 x Centaur Knights
FAN-TAU5 - 5-man Command Group
FAN-TAU6 - 4 x Shamans with runestone
(packs are £4.50 each, command/mages are £1.50)

Army Pack: Contains 3 packs of Minotaur Warriors, and 1 pack each of Centaur Warriors, Centaur Archers, Centaur Knights, Command and Shamans, plus 8 x MDF bases.  Priced at £27.00

And some pics:

That's it for the Warband ranges this month, we're working on the Wood Elves next so we're hoping to have those ready for release in September.  The next Pendraken goodies ready to hit the website will be some new vehicles and the rest of the Napoleonic British range!