Time to dust off the old crystal ball and vainly attempt to see what lies ahead in the next 12 months for Baccus. To be honest, you could put more faith in astrology than my ramblings, (and if any of you wish to try this, Baccus 6mm Ltd is a Leo).   However, before we go down the route of tripping with the fairies, there is the small matter of the certainties that emerged in 2016.


Let’s start off by looking at those predictions made a year ago that actually came true.  Yes, it does happen occasionally…

  • World War 2.   Yes, after much promising, the odd near miss and a disastrous mould failure along the way, we finally brought out the first releases in what will become a major part of the Baccus range.   We now have available British, German and US infantry plus all their support weapons.   In addition, you can add some variation with British Paras and some Germans wearing late war smocks.  Not bad from a standing start given the first releases were in February 2016.

  • We tidied up some loose 7YW ends with some lovely sculpts of the specialist troops for both sides in the French and Indian Wars.

  • Work has started with a vengeance on the overhaul and resculpt of the ECW range, of which more anon.


  • The final codes for the new WSS were duely completed and released.

  • We finally finished the project of getting every single code in the Baccus range photographed and displayed on the Baccus site.   This has long been a personal goal and I was delighted to get that last image processed and on view.  It is a strange fact that in this most visual of hobbies so many sellers of little men seem to ignore this basic requirement.

Not too shabby, but I’d be the first to admit that we missed a few targets.    These will be reviewed and most rolled forward into 2017.


I couldn’t leave any review of 2016 without mentioning the Joy of Six show.   I had honestly thought that the 2015 show could not be topped, but in that belief I was seriously mistaken.   Not only were there more games than 2015, they were bigger and even more of a visual treat.  Next time anyone says that 6mm figures have no visual impact on a wargames table they need to be dragged along by any extremity to this show.   I have been attending wargames events for more years than I care to (or can) remember and I cannot think of a single show that can approach it for variety and quality.   And yes, I DO include Salute and various Partizans.   The JOS 2017 will once again be taking place at Sheffield Hallam University on Sunday 16th July.   Get that date in your diaries now!


I know, I know all the above is just SO last year.   What about the new things you can expect from us?   The usual preface must be stated.   Any resemblance to facts, certainties, rock-solid guarantees or even firm assurances is purely coincidental, a tribute to your optimism and with only a tangential grasp on Reality.   To be honest you may have more chance of wishing that hobbits really did exist than some of this lot coming to pass, but hey, if you didn’t set goals then life would be boring.

  • If all goes well with the ECW project, then we will see about getting a Nine Years War range into production.
  • The WW2 project will once more take centre stage.  The first things you can expect to see in early 2017 will be some Fallschirmjager, but 2017 will be about the hardware so expect to see some superb armour and artillery pieces as the year progresses.

  • We’ll be returning to the Great War with a vengeance as work has already started on codes to cover the Mesopotamian campaigns.   If this goes to plan, the intention is to move on to the Eastern front.  There is also the sniff of something new in the air with the first introduction of armoured warfare to the period.   Here's an advance preview of some Turkish infantry

  • The venerable ECW range is getting a complete resculpt.  The new range will include much more variety of dress and pose than the current one and will include figures that will enable coverage of Thirty Years War armies.  If all goes well, there will be new flag sheets for the various armies in the European conflict. Those of you who have seen the shots I've done of the new musketeers know that this range is going to set new standards.   Here’s a look at some more masters to whet your appetite.

  • We will be releasing a Polemos set covering the FIW, AWI and War of 1812.   This would have actually already been released, but was delayed in order to get some pictures of the new FIW figures in it.   This has happily given me time to commission some new internal artwork courtesy of the talented Christof Simons and I hope to have the package available in early 2017 along with some new army packs and boxed sets.


  • The Polemos Napoleonic app has gone through an intensive series of tests and I am assured is nearing completion.
  • Work will continue on the website with new features and content being added.

Now we come to the bit where I have to say the ‘Thank Yous’.  The first of these has to be directed at each and every one of you who has been a customer over the last year – without you, there is no Baccus and I would be out of a job!   Another big ‘Ta’ goes to all of you who attended the Joy of Six either as an exhibitor or an attendee.   Thanks must also go to all those poor souls who put themselves through hell in order to stage the various shows around the country.


Baccus is only kept going by a large network of family, friends, authors supporters, contributors, and modellers. So, in no set order, I'd like to thank Lindy, Nick M, David H, Nick D, Nick J, Martin B, Tony Q, Martin P, Peter R, Chris G, Maksim S, Sven L, Glenn, Rob P, Chris B, Katharine, Ben, Dave, Mark, Barrie, Mike S, Derek, Andrew B, Les P, Shawn T, Stewart and the Polemos playtest group, for their invaluable help and input.


To all of them and to all reading this, Happy New Year and all the best for 2017!