As our final new release of 2014, we have a number of new 15mm vehicles. These represent the Rapid Reaction forces of the European Federation (EuroFed) and are used by the elite units of each national army such as the French Légion Étrangère, Italian Bersaglieri, Spanish Legión Española and the Dynameis Katadromon of Greece.

The primary workhorse of these units is the 10-wheeled Catroux APC in its many variations. The basic APC carries the same turret as the Tassigny MICV, but there are also AA, anti-tank missile and remote-gun tank destroyer variants.

General liaison, utility and cargo duties are undertaken by the Musareigne 4x4 and the larger 6x6 Lievre pick-up. The armed version of the Musareigne is known as the Javelot, which has a remote turret carrying either twin MGs, a 5-barrel gatling or twin Manta missile pod.

SF15-406 – Javelot Scout Car with twin MGs – £4.00
SF15-406a – Javelot Scout Car with Gatling – £4.00
SF15-406b – Javelot Scout Car with Twin Missiles – £4.00
SF15-406c – Musareigne Utility Vehicle – £4.00
SF15-408 – Catroux Wheeled APC – £8.00
SF15-408a – Catroux Missile Carrier – £8.00
SF15-408d – Catroux Armoured Gun System – £8.00
SF15-408e – Catroux AA Vehicle – £8.00
SF15-412 – Lievre Pick-up- £4.50