We've had a mixed bag of releases in our 15mm SF range this week. The biggest (in both size and weight) is the Control Tower. This 10" tall model is part of our Colony Base and can mate up with other models in that range or be used as a stand-alone piece. There are two options, the full height model or the slightly smaller version that has a single central pillar instead of two.

We've also released the first of our 15mm SF Polish half-tracks in APC, fire support and ATGW versions.

At the same time we're returning the 15mm Athena VTOL to the website. Out of production for a while, it's been completely remoulded.

SF15-111 – Athena VTOL – £17.50
SF15-1303 – Suwalska APC – £8.00
SF15-1303a – Suwalska with RFAC turret – £8.00
SF15-1303d – Suwalska with ATGW turret – £8.00
B15-319 – Control Tower – £40.00
B15-319a – Control Tower (single height) – £35.00