Following up from last week's South African release, we have new turret options for the two APC types released today. We have a support turret with a low velocity infantry gun that fires heavy HE or squash-head shells for clearing out enemy strongpoints. To keep the skies clear, there's an AA turret with a single rapid-fire autocannon coupled with two twin Boomslang light AA missile launchers. The turrets fit both the Buffel and Wildebeest and all four versions are available from our website now.

As well as these four new vehicle options, we also have a new, half-sized version of our cargo container available.

SF15-603c - Buffel Support - £8.25
SF15-603d - Buffel AA - £8.25
SF15-607a - Wildebeest Support - £8.75
SF15-607c - Wildebeest AA - £8.75
SF15-915 - Small Cargo Container - £1.75