Eureka Miniatures’ 28mm French Revolution guillotine set arrives at Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s now has in stock the 28mm French Revolution guillotine set from Eureka Miniatures – an ideal prop for a “Black Fingernail” scenario.
There are several elements to the set (prices include VAT):
100WFR901 Guillotine with crew, soldiers and victims (GBP 34.24)
100WFR902 Civilian mob (GBP 17.12)
100WFR903 Corpse wagon and headless victims (GBP 17.12)
Plus for a diorama, there’s also a two-piece resin backdrop of a town square (100WAL012, GBP 30.13).

Fighting 15s has limited stocks of these codes, and if we go out of stock delivery can take eight or more weeks.