FiveCore has come a long way (and will continue to do so).

As such, it is time to do some drastic I feel.

The original Five Men in Normandy, the ww2 skirmish campaign game that started the whole thing, and FiveCore 1st edition, the generic skirmish version, along with a collection of all the old supplements and expansion packs are now available in a single bundle pack.

This contains the following expansion packs:

The Tactical Primer.
Chaos and Circumstance.
Actions and Tasks.
The Skill Companion.
Heroes and Horrors.
Wolves in the Night.
Irregular Encounters.
Heavy Metal.
Riflemans Guide.

Along with both of the two core games.

Best of all? The entire thing is available as a “Pay What You Want” bundle.

Did I mention its a total of 199 pages of gaming goodness?

Nuts right?

I am confident that reading and playing these old versions will get you fired up to dive into the current versions of the rules (FiveCore 3rd edition, Company Command, Brigade Commander and Five Men at Kursk).

Do note these pdf’s are all provided in their original versions:
As such, some of the early ones look a little rough layout-wise and they are generally sparsely illustrated. On the upside, that makes them very print-friendly.