Your platoon has clawed its way forward under heavy fire---but can they make it the last few yards and kick the enemy off the hill?

Find out with a Sergeant’s War, a WWII minatures game which emphasizes morale, unit quality, and small-unit leaders. A typical force is a platoon of infantry backed up with heavy weapons and armor. Units of maneuver are individual vehicles, squads and half-squads of infantry, and heavy weapon teams. Major features of the game include:

Fast play — 2 hours or less

Easy combat mechanics — infantry fire, anti-tank fire, and close-range firefights all use the same basic to-hit mechanic which compares relative unit quality

Importance of leaders — your squad and platoon leaders are critical to keep your force fighting, but every time they do something significant, they might get hit by enemy fire


Emphasis on units over individuals — players focus on the placement of squads, tanks, and heavy weapons, not individual riflemen

Can be played with any scale of miniatures and any type of basing

This book contains:

Rules for infantry and vehicle combat

Artillery and air support

Special terrain rules for bocage, urban combat, fighting in forests, and more

Special combat rules for human wave assaults, night fighting, chaos and confusion, and more

Tips for designing scenarios

7 scenarios

Orders of battle for mid/late war US, German, Soviet, British, and Japanese forces

Vehicle and gun stats for 1944/45

The rules will be updated regularly with new vehicle stats and additional, optional rules.

The rules are also available bundled with a campaign pack, featuring 6 scenarios set in the bocage battle of 1944.