Kit to build 28mm scale (1/56) Airport building

Kit contains 2mm & 3mm MDF components together with Perspex glazing.

4 removable roof sections allow access to interior.

Photographs show model airport building with optional tiling strips and also with wet and dry paper. It has been textured with fine sand before painting with Sandtex Masonry paint.

Although inspired by scenes in 'Wild Geese', this airport building could also be used on a WW2 Airfield for Operation Sea Lion or on an airfield in any corner of the globe from WW2 to the present day.

This building is a companion to our recently released Airfield Control Tower.
These buildings will be followed shortly by an African Barrack / Prison complex consisting of eight different buildings, watch towers and perimeter chain link fence. Miniatures shown in photographs are from Mike Bravo 'Wild Geese' range, available from Sally 4th and Mike Bravo when released.