The AV8 series APC The standard EDF AV8 APC is a tracked, low profile vehicle, capable of carrying eight fully equipped infantry and a driver. Powered by a small fusion plant, the vehicle provides protection against small arms, as well as limited protection against missiles and large-calibre weapons. The AV8 has firing ports to allow the passengers to use their sidearm if required, as well as a post mounted 10mm M2-50 HMG.

This is a detailed resin kit, shipping now. RRP £28

There are 4 variants (APC / Fire Support Vehicle, both in early and late war designs).
The early war vehicles have slopped sides, late war variants have replaced these with 6 external stowage bins.
These are in stock and will be available from Sally 4th at shows including Vapnartak & Hammerhead.

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